Little Mountain Earth Arts

Nature Immersion Network

Nature Immersion Network


Little Mountain Earth Arts' Nature Immersion Network trains childcare providers to facilitate immersive nature play, gathers kids in local beaches and forests for ethical Earth connection, and builds a network of childcare providers committed to spending at least 40% of their days, outside.

Membership includes:

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Skill-building Workshops for Providers (monthly)
Learn how to:
Facilitate nature immersion experiences for children 5 years & younger
Build and understand physical literacy in various ecosystems
Guide child-led, experiential nature and art play
Wildcraft with kids
Identify local, indigenous territories, flora and fauna

Outdoor Experiences for Kids (monthly)
Gather with kids and providers in local forests and beaches to 1) participate in 100% nature-based art and nature activities, 2) shadow seasoned bioregional educator(s) as they work with the kids in your care, 3) ask questions in real-time about facilitating nature immersion, and 4) grow your familiarity with local nature sites.  

Community Networking
Work towards our biannual, outdoor art shows curated by the Network
Be highlighted as a “Nature Immersion Network” member, and enrich your center’s programming
Connect with like-minded providers interested in local ecology, ethical Earth relationships, and building their outdoor and art facilitation skills
Share with your families what you’ve learned with the “Monthly Update Graphic”

Benefits include:

2-3 hours/month of expert professional development
2-3 hours/month of nature immersion programming for your kids
Set your center apart as a member of the Nature Immersion Network
Enrich your existing programming → 40%+ outdoor time and ongoing provider training
Connect with like-minded providers and community

Sign-up for our fall term starting September for $85/month!