Little Mountain Earth Arts



Community is an important element of our Little Mountain Earth Arts culture. We involve the children in knowing community. What is community? How do we cultivate it? What are the ethical ways to connect in our daily life, to each other and this land? Our Little Mountain Earth Arts community asks these questions while developing activities and lesson to explore with the children and also how we choose to conduct our business. 


      Some of the ways we support community are:

  • Growing a community garden and offering to our neighborhood

  • Buying local – The majority of our program purchases are from local stores and local consignment stores. We purchase our outdoor gear and gifts for families from local businesses

  • Give back financially, by building into our monthly fees a 5% donation to support local Indigenous programs and causes

  • Acknowledging the First Peoples' territories we reside on and conduct our business

  • Using gender inclusive language with the children and holding safe spaces for all gender expressions

  • Allowing space for families to celebrate and share their own culture

  • Learning about local flora and fauna and how to respectfully engage it


T e r r i t o r y   A c k n o w l e d g e m e n t

Victoria and the surrounding area is located on Coast Salish and Straits Salish Territories. This is Lekwungen land.
We would like to acknowledge that the land we live and work on is First Nations’ territory. The city of Victoria and surrounding area lies on the territories of various Straits and Coast Salish peoples including, but not just, traditional territory of the WSÁNEĆ (Saanich), Lkwungen (Songhees), Wyomilth (Esquimalt).

The land we live and work on is occupied by people, ourselves included, who are largely not indigenous to this area. The circumstances by which this has come to pass are widely misunderstood by settlers. Our intent in acknowledging the territory is to recognize the myriad ways that our larger colonial communities are implicated in the ongoing impacts on First Nations People and to work towards a more intersectional approach to challenging power and privilege.